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This is a demo WordPress website made with the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor live page builder plugin. WordPress, the theme, and the plugin are all free to use!

The GeneratePress theme is created by a guy named Tom Usborne. He’s been making websites since he was 11 years old! GeneratePress is really making a name for itself, and currently has over 40,000 active installs and over 370 5 star reviews! This demo website was made using the free version of the theme, but you can always upgrade your site to the the premium version to get more features.

The Elementor plugin is a live page builder that you can use to customize everything between your site’s header and footer. This means you can create an unlimited number of layouts for each page. You can also control virtually every option for anything you put on your site. This means: custom background colors, images, transparencies, overlays, video backgrounds, borders, margin and padding, over 600 google fonts, over 400 icons and truly, so much more.

This is an example of the testimonial element. This is 1 of 28 elements included with the Elementor plugin and you can use any of the elements on any page!
Jane Doe


Create websites faster

Layout Control

Build custom rows and columns


Free yourself from design restrictions

Icon Option

Choose from over 400 icons

Font Controls

Use over 600 Google fonts